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Baxter Clewis Training Academy was founded on one simple principle: developing the next-generation of cyber leaders.


Before starting the Training Academy, Boyd Clewis had dedicated over 3 years of exclusive and concentrated effort to training cyber professionals. As a result, he was able to garner over 320 6-figure salaries through actionable guidance, strategies, and insight.


Initially inspired by the high cost and limited applicability of cyber certifications, Boyd sought out professional strategies to grow without overpriced paper certificates. Today, the Baxter Clewis Training Academy utilizes the same cutting-edge approach that has helped hundreds kickstart or grow their careers through a diverse range of lessons. Each module is centered around student goals, progressions, and outcomes.


As part of the Training Academy, students learn real strategies and content mastery. Throughout the process, they gain mentorship, resume improvements, LinkedIn support, interview tips, and more! The end result could be the make-or-break between between a 6-figure salary and not getting hired at all. The choice is yours! 

Our Leaders


Tiana B. Clewis

Tiana is a CPA and Financial Lifestyle Coach who steps in to help the students position themselves for career success and masterfully handle the 6-figure salary that is coming their way!


Boyd Clewis

Boyd is a CISSP, CCSK, CISA, QSA and cyber security professional that has attained world-wide recognition. He takes a hands-on approach to helping students master the frameworks that results in high-impact, 6-figure salary careers.

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